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Free ebook: Inbound marketing planning

Strategic Plan for Inbound Marketing

This resource is a "must have" for marketers & executives who are developing a strategic plan for inbound marketing. This 20-page guide provides the essential steps and guidelines to research, plan, and then execute an effective inbound marketing program.

  • Targeting high-priority companies
  • Research required to develop buyer personas
  • Organizing your content plan
  • Developing strategic content for each sales funnel stage
  • Automating your lead acquisition strategy 

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Strategic Roadmap

What's Inside

This 20+ page resource, takes you through the most important strategic considerations you'll need to master during the planning process for your inbound marketing strategy including the following:

  • How will you generate a return on your investment?
  • How to determine the number of leads that you'll need?
  • The tactical assets that you'll need in your program.
  • How to gather insights about your most important stakeholders.


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